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Step by step

  [1] Please install xfile to your windows computer at first.

  [2] After install , you will find two icons in your desktop as below.    

    [3] Please double-click the XFtpAdmin icon, or use pop menu "Run as administrator", to open the xfile service control program.

    [4] Press the key  ctrl alt c   at same time , xftpadmin will open three config files with administrator accout,



   Usage: download level  : upload level *  folder map name  * local folder



  that means, you add d:\book\ folder for ftp resource, and map name is book, first 0 means anywhere who login the server with download level >=0 can access this folder, the second 0 is means that upload for this folder is disabled. [1 for enable, 2,3....  for enable and can delete file]

  if the first character is ; , then this line is for comments only.



This is the xfile core config file, be careful to change anything in this file!

Ipv6_Enable=0       disable ip v6 protocol, 1 enable ip v6 protocol;

Ipv4_Enable=1       enable ip v4 protocol, 0 disable ip v4 protocol;

File_HideSysRdly=1        will hide system or hide file in ftp list, 0 will show system or hide file in ftp list.

Upnp_Enable=0               will disable UPNP, 1 enable UPNP

Port_Service=21              service port number of FTP protocol, default is 21.

Port_DataBasic=0           basic data port  number of FTP

Nettype_Ipv4=0             ip v4 protoccl , 0:accept both internet and local net, 1:local net only, 2: internet only.

Nettype_Ipv6=0            ip v6 protocol ,  0:accept both internet and local net, 1:local net only, 2: internet only.

Log_Level=0                  0 disable the log , 1-200 will enable log , more for details.

Code_Shake=0              please set to 0  , if you change this, you need to change same value with client program or application for android.

Upload_Enable=0        0 disable upload by ftp protocol , 1 enable upload by ftp protocol.

NetClose_Enable=0    0 disable remote shutdown by network , 1 enable remote shutdown by network.

Http_serviceport=8080  service port number of http protocol, default is 8080 or 80.

Internethttp_Disable=0   0 enable http connections from internet, 1 disable http connections from internet.




this is the user account file of xfile.





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